Rose Teapots Set

Rose Teapots Set
Rose Tea Sets
Rose Ceramic Teaware
Porcelain Teapot Set

Rose Teapot Set

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Contains: 1 x Teapot, 3 x Cups, 1 x Saucer, 1 x Tea Strainer, 1 x Scoop
  • Color: Rose Red, Purple, Green
  • Wight: 2.7kg
Rose Teapots Set

Ceramic Teaware Rose Teapots Set

Flowers and Tea. Both are grown from the earth. Both have a rich, natural aroma. They can lift your spirits, or help you relax from a tiring day. And now, the beauty of each comes together in this blossoming tea set. From Denmark's creative home brand PO, this creative tea set with ceramic roses has an innovative and elegant design.

Ceramic Tea Sets

Stacked together, the parts of Beijing designer Shen Di's porcelain set appear to bloom, forming a stylized rosebud. But pluck them from the stack, and each petal blossoms with multipurpose functionality: the bottom piece becomes a plate; the large bowl holds fresh fruit or chocolates; and the two small cups are perfect for a spot of tea. The top layer has a tea strainer, and a small scoop for measuring loose leaf tea. All of these rosy-hued pieces are paired with a small, matching teapot that's perfect for two friends to share.

Porcelain Teapots Set

Shipping via EMS/DHL Express

This item is heavy and fragile, we only ship it via EMS/DHL, generally it will cost about 3 - 7 days to most of countries in the world, see the details below:

  • $40 worldwide shipping.
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