Star Wars Yoda Plush Backpack Buddy

Yoda Plush Backpack Buddy
Yoda Backpack
Yoda Backpack

Star Wars Yoda Backpack

  • Brands: Star Wars
  • Size: 24"(H) x 14"(W) x 10"(D)
  • Material: Polyester + Plush
  • Category: Personal Accessories
  • Shipping: US Only
Yoda Plush Backpack

Star Wars Yoda Plush Backpack Buddy

Ever since we first saw The Empire Strikes Back, just about every Star Wars fan has dreamed of slinging the little Jedi Master Yoda on their back and trudging through the swamps, getting guidance and the occasional twisted claw slap. Minus the slap, the Star Wars Yoda Backpack is here to make those dreams a fun...and functional...reality. This Star Wars backpack measures about 25" long and features a pocket that unzips to reveal a storage space about 13.4" deep, which can accommodate books, a lightsaber hilt and a few granola bars for your training exercises.

The adjustable brown straps that attach Yoda to your back will give the appearance that he's holding onto your shoulders, and there's even a strap connecting his feet that can snap around your midsection to make it look like his little feet are hanging on, too!

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