F1-Max Car Aromatherapy Diffuser

Car Aroma Diffuser
F1-Max Aroma Diffuser
Fragrance Diffuser
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Regular Price: $59.90
  • Material: PC + ABS
  • Color: Red / White
  • Perfume Type: Solid
  • Dimension: 150(L)x106(W)x72(H) mm
  • Certificates: CE / SGS / RoHS
Car Fragrance Diffuser

F1-Max Car Aroma Diffuser - Fragrance Gift for Women

  • Patent-protected retro design;
  • Combination of fragrance diffuser and negative ion generator;
  • Natural plant solid perfume that lasts for 15 ~ 20 days;
  • Extra plain bullet to add your own favorite essential oil;
  • Magnetic cover for simple installation;
  • Must-have essentials scent smoke remover and air purifier for car;
  • The most beautiful aroma diffuser ever;
  • Also works as a runnable toy for kids;
  • Perfect gift for women.

With its adept Formula 1 retro design, this red aroma diffuser may well be the most beautiful car aromatherapy diffuser ever. It boasts a vintage design that gives an aesthetic appeal while giving you the benefits of essential oils on the go. It combines as a fragrance diffuser and a negative ion generator, and air purifier for your car. Besides aromatherapy, this car aroma diffuser keeps your car odor-free. Its magnetic cover makes installation so easy and at the same time ensuring that the diffuser is intact so it doesn't fall down whenever you are driving. In addition to that, it has a CE/SGS/RoHS compliance certificate and is, therefore, safe to use. Which makes this gorgeous accessory an awesome runnable toy for your young ones and a perfect gift for women. It is very light and you definitely will love its 5.9(L) x 4.2(W) x 2.8(H) inch size. The F1-Max Anion Essential Oil Diffuser has been made using strong, heat resistant, and very flexible PC-ABS materials. This means that you can rest easy knowing that minor accidents won't result in damages to your diffuser.

Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Negative Ion Diffuser

Natural Plant Solid Perfume

The F1-Max Negative Ion Diffuser comes with a solid perfume that lasts for about 15 to 20 days. It has been extracted from natural plant essences which makes it very subtle and very appropriate. The natural plant essential oil used to make the solid perfume captures a unique aromatic scent making this diffuser a must-have accessory. Additionally, it comes with a bullet box with five pieces of essential oil perfume for aromatherapy, and extra two blanks so you can add your own favorite essential oil.

Essential Oil Scent Essential Oil Bullet

Smoke Remover for Car

This product also acts as an ionizer air purifier for your car. It has a negative ion generator and a fragrance diffuser which help in the removal of smoke scent from your car. The negative ions also remove dust particles and therefore making your car feel and smell fresh. All these features combine to make the F1 Car Aromatherapy Diffuser a truly exceptional must-have accessory.

Car Air Purifier Scent Diffuser Car Smoke Remover


Product F1 Car Aroma Diffuser
Fan Speed 3000 RPM
Air Volume 1.4 CFM
Noise Value 10 dB
Negative Ion Density 5,000,000 PCS/cm3
Suitable for 10 m2
Rated Power 3 W
Rated Voltage 5 V
Perfume Type Solid
Lasting Time 15 ~ 20 days
Car Aroma Diffuser

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