Egg Tart Cat Bed / Cat Mat

Egg Tart Cat Bed
Egg Tart Cat Mat
Cat Nesting Bed
Best Cat Bed

30% OFF! Egg Tart Cat Bed

$39.90 Regular Price: $59.90
  • Brand: Pidan
  • Material: ABS / PP Cotton Filler
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Dimension: 45(D) x 20(H) cm
Pidan Studio

Extra Large Egg Tart Cat Bed

  • Wide space, fits for most of cats;
  • Reddot awarded cupcake design;
  • Removable and washable mat cover, easy to clean;
  • Comfortable and warm for indoor use;
  • Best cat bed ever.
Egg Tart Cat Bed

This is the kind of cat bed that every cat will love. It is comfortable and soft for any cat. The Egg Tart Cat Bed features a warm and fluffy texture that gives your cat a cozy and deep night sleep. Cleaning and maintenance of it is simple and easy. This is enhanced by the fact that the mat cover comes with is removable, washable and easy to clean. Therefore, your cat will always have a clean bed, boosting its hygiene and you will enjoy a clean indoor air quality. Buy this cat bed today and give your cat an amazing sleep experience.

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Cat Bed Training for Your Kitty

Cats typically sleep for around 15-20 hours a day. However, to enjoy their rest, they need a safe and comfort spot; otherwise, they will find one on their own. As a result, you can move your cats’ sleeping area to a new spot and lure it with treats in case you notice that it is having trouble with its current location. In addition, for off-limit areas make sure you use harmless deterrents.

Picking the Right Bed Location
  1. Observe where your cat likes to sleep. You should by establishing which areas your cat likes to sleep. This will help you find a good spot for its bed. In most cases, cats prefer to sleep in warm, safe, and secluded places with a good vantage point. It should also be in a secluded spot with adequate sunlight.
  2. Place the bed in a low traffic area. Your cats’ bed should be in low traffic area since cats have a thing for personal space. In high traffic areas, your cat will feel like it's always visible and won’t want to rest or sleep.
  3. Give your cat a good view. A good view is something that cats love. The idea of being able to see what is in their environment without revealing themselves is a rather enticing scenario.
  4. Elevate the bed or go with a perch if your cat likes height. You should elevate your cats’ bed or opt for a perch in case it likes height. The truth is that cats tend to, naturally enjoy heights and the concept of sleeping on the floor often gives them a sense of vulnerability. You can try placing the bed on a chair, ottoman, or some piece of other furniture.
  5. Try a new spot if your cat ignores its bed. If your cat doesn’t seem interested in a new bed, your first solution should be to switch up its location. Finding a more desirable spot for the bed is usually an effective way to encourage your cat to use it. Place the bed somewhere secluded, sunlit, and warm, or where you see it sleeping the most.
Familiarizing Your Cat with Its Bed
  1. Ensure the bed is clean. Cats do not like foreign smells or environments. As a result, you should make its bed as clean as possible before you introduce your cat to it. Even if you place is in the ideal spot, you cat may still not take to it if it is not clean and has a bad smell.
  2. Place some toys on the bed. Once you find a nice spot for your cats’ bed, place some toys in it to make it more attractive and familiar. The toys will smell like your cat and help familiarize it with its bed.
  3. Offer treats and praise when your cat goes to its bed. This sort of reward systems tends to work very well since cats easily adopt positive attention given whenever they go to their designated beds. Treats and verbal praises often work well in such a situation.
Making the Bed More Appealing
  1. Use catnip to coax your cat to its bed. In case your cat refuses to take up its new sleeping quarters with enthusiasm, you can try scattering some catnip in the bed to change its mind. This is because catnip often make cats mellow and playful.
  2. Use fabric that has your scent. Lining your cats’ bed with fabric that has your scent can help lure it pet into its new bed. This is because aside from having a nice and clean sleeping environment, cats also love familiar smells. Fleece is a great fabric choice, as most cats enjoy how it feels.
  3. Provide your cat with multiple beds. Cats instinctively prefer to sleep in various locations throughout a day. To encourage bed use, try placing multiple beds throughout your home in each of its preferred sleeping locations.

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