Pidan Modern Stylish Sea Snail Cat Bed

Sea Snail Cat Bed
Pidan Swirl Cat Bed
Stylish Cat Bed

25% OFF! Sea Snail Cat Bed

$69.90 Regular Price: $89.90
  • Brand: Pidan
  • Material: Basswood
  • Color: Wood
  • Dimension: 45(D) x 30(H) cm
Pidan Cat Bed

Modern Stylish Sea Snail Cat Bed

  • Wide space, universal pet bed for cats and dogs;
  • Simple and modern design;
  • Awarded beautiful sea snail style;
  • Removable and washable mat cover, easy to clean;
  • Solid and durable;
  • Best cat bed ever.
Modern Cat Bed

Inspired from Fibonacci curve, we designed this contemporary cat bed with Golden Section and swirl-type streamline, which makes it very special and modern. It's made of high-end basswood and the surface is processed with wood wax. The cloth of the cushion is very soft and has dedicate cut design. With high elastic sponge cushion, cat can have a sound sleep. And with the zipper design, the cloth can be removed and easy to wash. The bottom is anti-skidding , so the floor doesn't get any scratches.

Pidan Pet Bed

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