Snooze Sphere Cat Bed for Kitty Nap

Snooze Sphere Cat Bed
Cat Nap Bed
Luxury Cat Bed
Best Cat Bed

Snooze Sphere Cat Bed

  • Brand: Furrytail
  • Material: PP / Wool Felt
  • Bracket Color: Gold / Black
  • Dimension: 45(D) x 30(H) cm
Furrytail Studio

Luxury Cupola Style Snooze Sphere Cat Bed

  • Wide space, fits for most of cats;
  • Simple and modern design;
  • Awarded beautiful cupola style;
  • Comfortable and warm for indoor use;
  • Luxury cat bed ever.
Furrytail Cat Bed

Cats generally sleep 15~20 hours a day and need a comfy spot to sleep during that time. Snooze Sphere is the kind of cat bed for kitty nap. Its simple design makes every cat love it at first glance. The wool feft lining features a warm and comfortable texture that gives your cat a cozy and deep night sleep. We assure it is the most beautiful cat bed you ever seen, it matchs any interior design or decoration. Buy this high-end cat bed today and give your cat an amazing sleep experience.

↓↓↓ P.S. Keep the packing as a toy for your cats. ↓↓↓

Cat Bed Packing Best Cat Bed

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  • $30.00 to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • $40.00 to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and Russia.
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