High Sided Snow Mountain Cat Litter Box

Snow Mountain Cat Litter Box
Snow Mountain Litter Box
Pidan Litter Box
High Sided Litter Box

30% OFF! Snow Mountain Litter Box

$49.90 Regular Price: $69.90
  • Brand: Pidan
  • Material: PP
  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 45(D) x 30(H) cm
Pidan Studio

Extra Large Uncovered High Sided Snow Mountain Cat Litter Box

  • Wide space, fits for most of cats;
  • Simple and modern design;
  • Awarded beautiful snowberg style;
  • IONPURE® antibacterial material, safe and tasteless;
  • Solid and durable;
  • Best cat litter box ever.
High Sided Litter Box

This open style cat litter box which adopts Japanese IONPURE antibacterial technology is easy, convenient for cleaning up by simply removing the disposable litter tray and throw it sway. Inspired by Snow Mountain, with smooth and elegant flow line, it's a pure and natural gift for your little kitty. Low-tracking crystals don't stick to your cat's feet so it will not make a big mess; Plastic tray linning creates a powerful extra barrier to help protect against leakage.

Uncovered Cat Litter Box

Open cat litter box, clean the litter with ease

The embedded and detachable structure makes the litter box's lid to be easily separated from the base.

Easy to detach for cleaning in just 3 steps

1. Smooth the litter 2. Lift up the lid of the litter box 3. Replace the litter

Spacious Space

Cats of various size can go in and out this pure, clean, and comfortable toilet environment freely. (A 6.5kg cat can also use it conveniently)

Proper Outer Edge Height

Inward Retracting side of the tub, lessen the splash of the litter and leakage of cats urine.

A device that removes the excess litter off the cat's paw

Useful footboard with vertical stripes incline inside, reduce the litter brought by the cats.

Pure, clean, and eco-friendly with reliability assured

Using IONPURE anti-bacterial technology, your cat can receive the same security protection of a baby grade so the reliability can be assured.

Snowberg Cat Litter Box Snow Mountain Cat Litter Box

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