Mechanical Spider Night Light

Also is a DIY metal building toy construction set.
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Mechanical Spider Night Light

  • Cool decoration for office desktop;
  • Eye-catching sophisticated design;
  • Can double as a mechanical toy and night light;
  • More fun when DIY assembling it with your kid.

The Story

Comes from the Machine Planet, the Spider Lamp is a night guard who arrives first on Earth to help human build a distributed defense against the intruder from a parallel universe. His younger brother, the Spider Speaker, works like a broadcaster to help earthling know enemy status in the deep universe. As the pioneers of Machine Planet, the spider brothers are building a junior distributed defense on Earth, the whole family machines will come when the night is lightened by Spider Lamp. To guard our Earth, everyone needs to bring a Spider Lamp home and light it in the dark, that's the ready signal.

Play with your kids

Inspired from a military film Ghost Recon by Ubisoft, this product doubles as a night light and a mechanical toy. You can use the assembling and disassembling process to teach your kid how to handle simple tools. This will not only open up their brains but will also strengthen your bond. All the tools needed for this job are included in its packaging.

Attention: This product contains small parts, it is NOT suitable for kids less than 8 years. All kids should play it together with parents. Besides, we don't supply restore service if you dismantle the toy and could not assemble it again.

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