• Segway Electric Scooter
    Segway Drift W1
    Unlimited Fun With Unlimited Imagination
  • Furrytail Cat Bed
    Snooze Sphere Cat Bed
    The only cat bed that makes you and your cat love at first sight.
    The Most Artsy and Minimalist Cat Bed Design.
  • Luna Wireless Charger
    Moon Concept
    Wireless Charging Dock

Welcome to MeetIDEA & we sell awesome stuffs.

Hey Everyone! MeetIDEA sells really unusual and cool gadgets. All of our creative goods are hand selected around the world,
all have innovative designs. They are unique gifts for everyone. Enjoy our products!

New Arrival

Find the latest cool items and gears here.

Mushroom Nightlight Charger
Mushroom Charger Night Light + Wireless Charger
Car Aroma Diffuser
Car Aroma Diffuser Best gift for women
Snowberg Litter Box
Snowberg Litter Box Large High Sided
Pupil of Soul Watch
Pupil of Soul Watch Cool Quartz Watch
Mechanical Spider
Mechanical Spider Bluetooth Speaker
Luna Wall Clock
Luna Wall Clock It's a real Moon
Survival Gear Flashlight
Car Escape Flashlight Can save your life
Capsule Cat Carrier
Capsule Cat Carrier Best for travel

Best Selling

Find the most wanted cool gadgets and unique gifts here.

AutoBot Air Vent Mount
Air Vent Mount Metal Edition
Lofree Dot Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical Keyboard Bluetooth, Backlight
Egg Tart Cat Bed
Egg Tart Cat Bed Warm and Soft
Igloo Cat Litter Box
Igloo Cat Litter Box Best Gift for Cats
Green Table Clock
Green Table Clock Good for Office Desk
Recon Wireless Folding Mouse
Folding Wireless Mouse 30% OFF! Laser Tracking
Elf Earbuds
Elf Earbuds Become an Elf in seconds


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