• Luna Wireless Charger
    Moon Concept
    Wireless Charging Dock
  • EVE Ionizer Power Bank
    Ionizer Air Purifier for Car
    EVE is combination of ionizer air purifier and power bank.
    It cleanses the surrounding air in car while charging the Ionizer...

Welcome to MeetIDEA & we sell awesome stuffs.

Hey Everyone! MeetIDEA sells really unusual and cool gadgets. All of our creative goods are hand selected around the world,
all have innovative designs. They are unique gifts for everyone. Enjoy our products!

Lifestyle Accessories

We provide best fashion and personal accessories for you.

GRASS Watch Couple Watches for Lovers
Petal-like Tote Bag
Cork Wood Handbag Also is Shoulder Bag
Mushroom Shoulder Bag
Mushroom Shoulder Bag Bark and Wool
Ultramarine Stone Watch
Ultramarine Watch Cool Quartz Watch
Handmade Cow Head Backpack
Cow Head Backpack 30% OFF! Leather Handmade
Leaves Soap
Leaves Soap Perfect for Travel
Wheel Quartz Watch
Wheel Quartz Watch Men's Style
Freak Show Hat
Freak Show Hat Ski Mask

Cool Gadgets and Gizmos

We provide the most wanted cool gadgets, gizmoz, gears for you.

AutoBot Air Vent Mount
Air Vent Mount Metal Edition
Lofree Dot Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical Keyboard Bluetooth, Backlight
Brass USB Flash Drive
Brass Flash Drive 3mm ultra slim up to 64GB
EMIE Power Black
5.2mm Power Blade 8000mAh, Dual 2.1A USB Port
Moon Wireless Charger
Moon Wireless Charger iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy, Lumia
Zodiac Brass Flash Drive
Zodiac Flash Drive 12 Brass patterns
Recon Wireless Folding Mouse
Folding Wireless Mouse 30% OFF! Laser Tracking
Elf Earbuds
Elf Earbuds Become an Elf in seconds

Creative Houseware

Find the most creative decorations for your home, office, kitchen, etc.

Green Table Clock
Green Table Clock Good for Office Desk
BUD Desk Clock
BUD Desk Clock Good for Workspace
Igloo Cat Litter Box
Igloo Cat Litter Box Best Gift for Cats
Plush Zombie Slippers
Zombie Slippers Funny Gift
Body Fat Scale
Body Fat Scale Smart and Accurate
Ceramic Coffee Mug
Ceramic Coffee Mug Set Master Craftsman Handmade


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