Secret Forest Cat Bowl with Cat Grass

A designer cat bowl with cat grass
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Secret Forest Cat Bowl with Cat Grass

  • • Tilt Angle Design: meaning your cat have to really stick their heads in the bowl and turn to side to lick the sides of the bowl clean vs a shallow flat plate with short sides. The slanted cat bowl is perfect for flat-faced cats.
  • • Perfect Height: it put a cat's mouth at a better position in relation to its stomach, and it could alleviate their occasional vomiting.
  • • Keep Food Stays Centered: cat raised bowl is designed with the perfect curvature for making food fall back to the center of the bowl. The inner lip does help keep cats from chasing food out of the dish, so their eating areas are much cleaner.
  • • Right Size For Cat: it can store enough food for cat to eat throughout the day, preventing overfeeding for either kitten or adult cat. Good for feeding dry/wet food.


Providing timeless elegance with proven durability, the Secret Forest Cat Bowl will exceed any cat lovers expectations for what a lifelong watering/feeding dish should be. Coming with a indoor grass seeds pack, you can grow the cat grass around the food bowl. Cat grass helps cat expel the parts of their prey that are indigestible. Secret Forest provides your cat with an opportunity to engage in a natural behavior.

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